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The explanation officials gave to the television station was

But the real reason isn't entirely clear. The explanation officials gave to the television station was that the 13 year old eighth grader broke a rule that forbids any student from bringing various bags into certain classrooms. But Skyler's mother, Leslie Willis homesite, said her son was told when he returned to school Thursday that he had been suspended for using foul language..

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I love this community and the people here

Ral Gonzalez Blanco, le capitaine de Real Madrid, y est parvenu. Depuis 1994 et ses dbuts contre l'Atletico, il n'a cess de donner du plaisir aux fidles de Santiago Bernabeu et il le fera jusqu'au jour o il raccrochera les crampons. En terme de palmars, Ral possde son actif quatre titres de champion d'Espagne, deux Ligues des Champions, mais aussi le record du plus grand nombre de buts marqus en Coupe d'Europe.

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On a eu le plaisir de goter son pain et sa focaccia

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